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Administration is not known for being the most glamorous area of pensions, but it is one of the most fundamental and, for your members, the most visible.

Of course, your members rely on effective administration to ensure their pensions are paid accurately and punctually. It has always been the case that whether or not your members have a positive experience of the scheme is largely dependent on the success of your administration.

We all know, though, that change is constant and pensions administration proves that year after year. It now not only underpins member experience, but is central to many of the strategic scheme projects you undertake. Whether these are projects driven by regulatory requirements, like GMP reconciliation, or by your own objectives, like pension risk transfers, administration is a crucial building block.

In this guide, Aon explores these changing circumstances, examines the ways administration is impacted by (and can impact) your priorities, and look at how you and your administrator can ensure your scheme is in the best place to deliver against your objectives.

Published:08 November 2018

Business Area: Benefits Administration Systems and Software

Type: Portable Document Format (.pdf)


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