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Blurred lines: Why the rules are less clearly defined in multi-asset funds today

Published by : Prudential

Multi-asset funds have been a staple in investor portfolios for decades, and are widely defined as diversified investments that can generate returns as markets rise as well as protect investors' cash on the downside. 

The arrival of a number of new regulatory rules, notably post-pensions freedoms, have only increased the sector's importance in recent years with investors requiring more flexible solutions that can provide them with a regular and steady income. 

To meet the increased demand for multi-asset solutions today, the sector has evolved. This evolution of multi-asset funds has resulted in a blurring of the rules that once governed these strategies so carefully.

The range of new funds coming to the market today offer investors an opportunity to choose a strategy that is not just aligned with their needs, but can provide a better idea as to the type of outcome they can realistically achieve. 

In this magazine, brought to you in association with Prudential Portfolio Management Group, explores how managers can adapt to this new era of multi-asset freedom, correctly assess ‘bigger picture' challenges as well as short-term tactical movements and, most importantly, ensure investors' needs are continually placed at the heart of the investment process. 


Published:15 October 2018

Business Area: Asset Allocation

Type: Other


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