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The digital transition has only just begun

Published by : Pictet

Evolving consumer behaviour is revolutionising how businesses operate, resulting in, for example, the rapid transmission of information via digital networks. Protecting against cyber-attacks and guarding vital infrastructure to food safety and personal security is also changing how businesses operate. 

Consequently, companies that are able to adapt by creating innovative products and services that meet the new demands of this changing world economy should benefit from unrivalled growth potential.  

This is forcing investors to focus instead on the structural forces shaping our world: megatrends. These are a discrete group of powerful social, demographic, environmental and technological forces of change that are reshaping our world. 

How we react to these megatrends will determine not only our futures, but those of the coming generations.

In this Spotlight guide we review the long-term investment opportunities of these trends.


Published:23 February 2018

Business Area: Investments

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