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ESG Investing: Cracking the myths behind the industry’s rapid growth

Published by : iShares by BlackRock

ESG ratings are a shorthand for evaluating a company's commitment to sustainable business practices. For many investors, it is imperative to understand and evaluate a company's impact on the world and whether this profile aligns with their intrinsic values.

More investors - from global institutions to individuals - are looking to achieve their financial goals through investing in companies that exhibit positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) characteristics.

Risk can mean different things for different investors. Some may think of it as the volatility of a portfolio's returns, but ESG investors can consider risk from a different perspective: the permanent loss of capital.

ESG metrics can help investors go beyond traditional financial reporting to fully understand a company's profile to better gauge long-term risk and return prospects.

Published:29 October 2018

Business Area: Investments

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