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Have you got the X Factor?

Published by : Intelliflo

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and its impact on the way advisers and providers can meet the needs of their clients left many advisers questioning their business and wondering ‘is it all worth it'? But for many of today's advisers it's not about survival, it's about opportunity. Indeed, many firms who saw the writing on the wall pre-RDR and have shaped their businesses accordingly will see the drop in the number of advisers as nothing but positive, clearing the way for them to attract new clients to their books.

We identify the three key generational groups: Baby Boomers (50-68), Generation X (34-50) and Generation Y (14-34), and explore the opportunities and key areas through which they can be attracted to your business.

Published:10 November 2014

Business Area: Better Business

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