Standard Life Investments case study

The Investment Challenges of decumalation, Part 2

Published by : Standard Life Investments

The 2014 reforms set out in the Budget provide UK pension savers with significantly greater freedom than they have had to date. The reforms are likely to have material implications for the investment strategies used for accumulation in Defined Contribution (DC) schemes - in particular, the lifestyle strategies adopted.

They will also greatly influence the investment choices individuals make in the post-retirement period. No longer will savers be forced to take an annuity - the implications of this for savers, as well as for pension providers, are profound as the various benefits and risks of this new ‘freedom' are assessed.

This article aims to share some of our key insights into this challenge and builds on work from our previous analysis and findings.

Published:22 June 2015

Business Area: Stakeholder Pensions

Type: Portable Document Format (.pdf)


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