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Do life events make savers more open to pension communications?

Published by : NEST

Lots of savers around the world don't engage with pension communications, particularly those that have been automatically enrolled. The approach's use of inertia means that these savers tend to have lower levels of awareness and engagement compared to those who made an active decision to start saving in a scheme.

Researchers have become focused on the challenge of how to engage pension savers, and in recent years a lot of progress has been made. One idea is to time pension communications more effectively so the message reaches the saver during important life events when they're believed to be more receptive.

NEST Insight, along with Maastricht University and Netspar, recently conducted a series of in-depth interviews, and a survey with NEST members, to find out more.

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Published:23 January 2018

Business Area: Communications and Engagement

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