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NY hedge fund managers: Boy, how things have changed! - Opalesque Roundtable

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Over the past ten years, the image of hedge fund managers has morphed from being the ultimate money manager with a touch of mystery and a stroke of genius to a rather plain and public figure. Today, the hedge fund manager shows up in television, in soap operas, in movies; the mainstream press discusses who made how much and which manager is right or wrong about what, and so on. Read in this new Opalesque Roundtable how New York based hedge fund managers are dealing with this new found fame. For example, do they recommend a Wall Street or hedge fund career to their children? The Opalesque 2012 New York Roundtable took place on September 19th - sponsored by SunGard, Taussig Capital and Eurex - and featured the following speakers:
1.Amanda Haynes-Dale, Managing Director, Pan Reliance Capital Advisors
2.Brad Bradley, Senior Analyst, SunGard
3.Dan Barnett, CEO, Revere Capital Advisors
4.Joe Taussig, Founder, Taussig Capital
5.Matthew Denning, Sr. Research Analyst, PineBridge Investments
6.Nancy Havens-Hasty, President, Havens Advisors
7.Ron DiRusso, Head of Investment Research, FX Concepts
8.Vassilis Vergotis, Executive Vice President and Head of Eurex Offices Americas

The group's candid discussion covered:
•Risk: is this the right time to go illiquid or add leverage, or should you keep your powder dry?

•Opportunities in long-short trading strategies, structured credit, merger arbitrage, event driven and how to seize international opportunities in Brazil and Africa

•New seeding deals and offerings from PineBridge and Revere Capital: What is the right seed deal today? How investors can double returns Psychological or behavioral aspects to seeding that are very easy to overlook

•FATCA: A train wreck waiting to happen? Over 100,000 financial institutions affected Tremendous withdrawals out of U.S. securities? U.S. tax revenues of $7-10 billion versus compliance which could cost $1 trillion a year?

•How hedge funds deal with the explosion of legal bills and compliance costs

•How hedge funds benefit from changes in the asset allocation models of family offices and institutions

•Efficient and inefficient ways to create tail risk products

•Three reasons why hedge funds create reinsurance firms

•How U.S. hedge funds can get exposure to European volatility and implement new alpha generating strategies

•Consultants and hedge funds: Do consultants tend to have a rear view mirror approach? The lack of accountability: the shrunken fee differential between consultants and FoFs may affect consultants' further growth

•How U.S. managers can benefit from the growth of UCITS funds

Published:09 November 2012

Business Area: Hedge Funds

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