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Retirement options under the FCA microscope

Published by : Quilter Investors

When pension freedoms were introduced in 2015, newspapers heralded the flexibility and choice suddenly available, while politicians celebrated liberating their constituents from the perils of the annuity market. 

Britons were quick to embrace the reforms. In less than two years, flexible income payments totaling £9.2bn had been made from UK pension pots. This huge behavior shift at retirement provided the backbone for a new era of face-to-face financial advice. But crucially, it also presents some big challenges that are putting consumers at risk of sub-optimal retirement outcomes, according to a recent FCA report. 

Danny Knight, head of investment directors at Quilter Investors, explains why the findings of the FCA's Retirement Outcomes Review shows there is still plenty of room for improvement in the decumulation investment market. 

Published:16 October 2018

Business Area: Advisory services

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