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Time for a retirement reality check

Published by : Quilter Investors

As well as freeing the British public from the ‘shackles' of the annuity market, the new pension freedoms rules created a huge new market for advisers. There has never been a greater need for retirees to engage with their advisers regularly to ensure their retirement stays on track and that their pension pot survives for at least as long as they do.

This is just as well because when it comes to ‘decumulation' UK retirees need to come to terms with a number of new realities.

As Anthony Gillham, head of investments at Quilter Investors, explains, too many Britons arrive at retirement thinking that their years in decumulation will be just like their years in accumulation. They couldn't be more wrong. This puts the onus on advisers to make sure clients understand the realities of maintaining a pension pot for decades to come. 

Published:08 November 2018

Business Area: Advisory services

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