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Sustainable factor investing

Published by : Invesco

With a growing appetite for evidence-based investing and the desire for a better world, we are seeing a rise in demand for both factor investing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. Now these two areas are increasingly converging, and the result is what we call sustainable factor investing - a phenomenon whose implications for the sphere of investment and beyond are potentially far-reaching.

In this whitepaper we investigate into the histories of factors and ESG respectively; we explore how their stories have more recently become entwined; and we demonstrate the benefits of an investment philosophy that takes proper and rigorous account of both. In doing so, we draw on a range of empirical research and analyse the contributions of some of the most influential figures in the annals of finance. We also look to the academic arena for an external perspective.

Finally, we explain how sustainable factor investing has become central to our own ideas about long-term asset management, underpinning an investment ethos that thrives on dialogue and transparency and prizes ownership over speculation.

Published:15 October 2017

Business Area: Investment

Type: Portable Document Format (.pdf)


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