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AllianceBernstein (AB) is a leading global investment-management firm that strives to anticipate and advance what’s next. A diverse group of clients, from institutional to retail investors, has entrusted us with managing US$498 billion in assets across the globe.

We have a long history of helping many of the world’s largest pension funds address their challenges and objectives, while pioneering new approaches to pension saving. Our efforts are focused on the range of unprecedented problems faced by pension funds and their savers. Longer lives, financing shortfalls and increasing regulation are all making retirement planning much more difficult. That’s why we continue to innovate with an array of investment solutions from managed drawdown products and target date funds (TDFs) to risk management solutions, as well as more traditional investment approaches.

In the DC space AB was the pioneer of flexible target date funds in the UK. Our TDFs allow a sophisticated investment strategy to be implemented, while being simple for members to understand, at a price that reflects value for money. Our proactively-managed TDFs can be operated on either a packaged or bespoke basis, using the best investment ideas from around the market. Beyond default strategies, we now offer a full, open-architecture, investment platform service, available under a single contract.

Beyond our DC solutions we offer a diverse range of investment strategies that suit your risk appetite and return objectives. Our portfolios are run by over 400 research analysts and investment professionals in offices around the world with expertise that spans geographies, asset classes and styles. Our investment strategies cover the spectrum of equities, fixed-income and alternatives as well as both customized and packaged multi-asset solutions.


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